The table below contains many resources for your business. Some links are direct downloads and others take you off-site. Enjoy searching this great material and don't forget to contact Jordan Ridge LLC today so that we can help you to implement your business needs.

We have consciously decided to limit this resource list to articles and tools that you can use without a steep learning curve. Check back often, we will continue to add content.


Professional Expertise
HBR Article

The Rise of the Supertemp. "Intellectual capital on demand."

"'This is the future of outsourcing,' [Peter] Drucker said. A lot of companies need intellectual skill sets, but they don't always need them permanently. Yet, Drucker said, they commonly made the mistake of hiring people with those skills full-time. Drucker realized he was looking at a blueprint for contract work at the upper level. 'Intellectual capital on demand,' he called it."

Lean Startup
HBR Article

Startup Guru Steve Blank's Harvard Business Review article, "Why the Lean Startup Changes Everything."

Pivot Explained

"How Eric Ries Coined 'The Pivot' and What Your Business Can Learn From It."

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas explanation by Alexander Cowan.

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Start Up
How Start Ups Get Funded

Discussion and infographic on the start up funding process and dilution. Use this as a learning aid, not as an expectation of how the process will unfold for you.

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