OrganizationsJordan Ridge LLC serves all types of organizations, and we specialize in the the needs of start ups, growth companies and companies in transition. These types of organizations have many similar needs, chief among them being a limited time horizon to achieve their goals and a changing market landscape. Jordan Ridge consultants thrive in this type of environment and have experience with all of the needs of the individual organization types described below.

Growth Companies

Growth companies include companies experiencing both positive growth and negative growth (decline). Jordan Ridge consultants have experience with both types of growth and are ready to support your organization through the challenges. For growth companies, Jordan Ridge acts to enhance your key growth initiatives and we act as a backstop to those initiatives by mitigating risk with alternative strategies and tactical functions.


Companies in Transition

Start ups and growth companies are, themselves, companies in transition. Other companies may be in transition due to a structural change such as a merger, acquisition or spin-out of a division or product line. Jordan Ridge consultants have experienced all of these modes of transition and can help your business in transition, supporting strategy, marketing and business development functions, and helping to maintain (or establish) business focus.


Start Ups

Jordan Ridge consultants can help start ups. We have start up experience and understand your needs at every stage of your company's growth. For start ups, we focus on complimentary and supportive action to help you drive the scalability and sustainability of your business.

Start ups (or startups or start-ups) are a special type of organization. They are, by nature, limited in cash and time and usually are addressing new markets for which there is little information.

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