Companies acquired and managed by private equity firms are almost by definition companies in transition and poised for growth. Jordan Ridge LLC partners with private equity firms in two ways to serve their overall mission of finding high value organizations and growing them.


1) Jordan Ridge consultants will support the private equity due diligence process by evaluating acquisition target company technologies, strategy and market opportunity. We can also provide complete acquisition prospecting services, searching the private equity firm's target markets for desirable companies suitable to acquisition.


2) Jordan Ridge will also support the needs of the private equity portfolio by working with portfolio companies or acquisition prospects to develop them into the high performing, high yield organizations that company founders and private equity firms desire.


Private equity companies expect growth from the portfolio companies. But many small to medium businesses have never developed the specialized skills and structure needed to achieve that growth. Surely you have seen the pattern that results: new portfolio companies scramble to define and hire in key positions. Often the hire has the skill to perform the needed role, but not to set up the structure needed for business success around the job. Other times, the rush to hire ends with a poor match to needed capabilities or company culture.

In our experience, the skills most often lacking are centered on how to develop the current market, determining market adjacencies, and building new markets to achieve growth. Often the Sales organization is burdened with these goals. In actuality, these functions should be managed within the product marketing spectrum: product marketing/management, strategic marketing, and general marketing. Expertise in these functions enables expansion of product realization, product strategy and road mapping, lead generation, and creation of marketing collateral – all of which the Sales organization needs to meet revenue targets.


Jordan Ridge LLC can help your portfolio companies to make the transition they need for growth. Whether the need is laying the structural foundation for new hire success, interim expertise, or full-time management to growth, you are invited to look to Jordan Ridge LLC to support your portfolio companies.


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